An ATbar wiki, new services and a downloadable desktop Arabic toolbar

This month has been an extremely busy one with a new wiki for information about the ATbar, the plugins and ATkit framework supporting documents. By using a wiki we can make sure the Arabic version is truly going from right to left with easier translations. Not all the plugins have been translated into Arabic but this is ongoing.

We have added a Services area – this has the initial spell checking support service, allowing users to login and add words have not been offered with corrections. It is hoped this will help those using the Arabic spell checker as we know this is not offering the best corrections at present.

Nawar has worked on the desktop toolbar for Arabic users and this is now available for beta testing. It has four functions: an onscreen keyboard, a screen reader, a magnifier and colour overlays. Please become a beta tester and download the desktop toolbar from Github. This toolbar is very much ‘work in progress’! If you want to join the team in testing and wish to know more about this work please visit our project blog.