WordPress Plugin Guide

The ATbar WordPress Plugin is available from the WordPress plugin directory.



The ATbar WordPress Plugin allows you add ATbar to your WordPress site. You can add the English, Arabic or Marketplace toolbars.

Selecting Version

The English and Arabic toolbars have similar functions and will allow users to make the page more customisable and readable. More information can be found reading the English and Arabic pages.

selecting version in admin options

Marketplace Toolbar

If a marketplace toolbar is selected then the javascript for the install link is required. To learn how to create a Marketplace toolbar view the Marketplace Instructions. Once a toolbar has been created, or if using a public toolbar, the easiest way to get the install link is to add the toolbar as a bookmark then edit it and copy the bookmark URL (which will be javascript).

copying bookmark link

Once the URL is copied, simply paste it into the text box marked Toolbar from ATbar Marketplace.

If you later chose a different toolbar version, the Marketplace toolbar will be saved in the text box so you do not have to copy it again.

ATbar Launcher

atbar launcher

The ATbar launcher is the small image which when selected loads the toolbar. This image is used both at the top of the page as well as in the Widget.

Having this set to Yes is the normal way of loading the toolbar and will be the first tabbed item (very useful for disabled users). Any number of pages can be excluded by entering their IDs in the exclude box. The exclude list is saved even when the exclude option is turned off.

Auto Load

Setting the Auto Load to Yes will skip the ATbar Launcher and will load the full toolbar at the top of every page. Pages can be excluded in the same way as the ATbar Launcher and will save even when the exclude option is turned off.


atbar widget

If you would prefer not to have the ATbar Launcher at the top of every page then there is the ATbar Widget available. This is added like any other widget by entering the Admin Dashboard, selecting Appearance, then Widgets. Add the widget called ATbar to the sidebar and it will load like any other widget.

Note: If you are only using the widget, then ATbar will not be available on pages that do not load the side bar.


WordPress allows the use of shortcodes. These are code identifies so when the page is loaded, a specified plugin will recognise it and perform the designated action. For ATbar, this is adding in the ATbar launcher on the page where the shortcode is placed. This allows you greater flexibility of where to add the ATbar launcher.

Text to place where you want ATbar to load:


Note: The shortcode only works inside a WordPress page, not in the theme.