ATbar for Windows Help

ATbar icon labels


This will read aloud text using a voice installed on your computer. If you wish to see the text being read aloud turn this option on in the settings, to display the reading window.

To hear text read aloud first copy it to the clipboard. First select the text then copy it by using a shortcut key, usually Ctrl+C, or through the context menu by right-clicking.

Then select the speak button. You should hear your coped text read aloud. As text is being read, the speak button changes to a pause button.

Select the pause button to stop the speech. Selecting the button again will re-start the speech from the same point in your copied text.


Once you have listened to your text, you can empty the clipboard by selecting the Clear button.


This will apply a colour overlay effect to you monitor. You can set the colour and level of transparency within the Settings.


There are four tabs within the settings. Click the save button to apply your new settings.


Display settings tab for ATbar.

Display Reading Window:
Check this box to enable you to see the text in the reading window when it is being read aloud.
Select Font Colour:
Choose the colour for the text in the reading window.
Select Background Colour:
Choose the colour for the background of the reading window.
Highlight text:
Choose whether text is highlighted in the reading window as it is read. Select:

  • None –  for no highlighting.
  • Each word – for individual words to be highlighted.
  • Each sentence – for the whole sentence to be highlighted as it is read.


atbar voice settings

Select voice:
This drop-down menu lists the voices installed on your computer. Select the one you wish to use.
Voice speed:
This allows you to speed up or slow down your selected voice.
Play speech example button:
This will read aloud the example sentence with your new voice settings.


Atbar colour settings

This tab allows you to personalise the colour overlay tool.  Check the box labelled “Apply colour overlay on launch” if you wish the overlay tool to be apply automatically when ATbar is started.

To change the colour of the overlay use the “Select Overlay Colour” button. You can add new custom colours by selecting “Define Customer Colours >>”.

Use the slider to alter the transparency of the colour overlay. A lower transparency will lead to a more intense colour overlay effect.